Monday, April 18, 2016

GOOD...BLM needs to be destroyed

TRAYVON MARTIN’S MOM Goes On BLAME WHITEY Tour With Hillary, While His Dad Has BRUTAL Message That
Could DESTROY Black Lives Matter

Trayvon’s dad sounds more logical and “Presidential” than Obama when it comes to
discussing the truth about black on black crime. Maybe he wasn’t so far off the mark when Obama said Trayvon
could be his son?
   While Trayvon Martin’s mother is traipsing around the country as part of Hillary Clinton’s pander tour and trying to convince everyone that her sweet little angel was gunned down by a racist system, Trayvon’s father actually had something intelligent to say on the issue of race. In defiance of Black Lives Matter, Tracy Martin said that the movement is meaningless as long as blacks continue to kill each other.

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst
    Tracy Martin was speaking before the 30th Annual Charles W. Kegley Memorial Institute of Ethics at California State Bakersfield on Tuesday when he uttered the words that will drive BLM into a frenzy.

“We gonna keep killing one another. I tell people all the time that we are committing genocide,” said Martin.And then here’s the thing that if a white guy said it would be considered the most racist statement ever:
   “We’re on the brink of extinction at the way these shootings and killings are going on. We keep the funeral homes and the penal system in business. When are we going to wake up? I’m a realist. We can’t sit up and scream that black lives matter at any other ethnicity group if Black lives don’t matter to Black people,” he said.
   This is what I find interesting here: Black Lives Matter is a movement that was created because of Trayvon Martin’s death and it is a fact that the black activists get super-pissed off when anyone suggests that black-on-black violence is more of a pressing issue than hyped up and fictionalized racism. But this is the father of the person who spawned the movement saying that blacks killing blacks is the real problem. Something’s gotta give.
This could cause the movement to collapse on itself, creating a racism supernova that neither race-hustling nor manufactured outrage can escape.


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