With a rebel yell, “Dixie,” had its day Saturday.
As promised, the Virginia Flaggers heritage group hoisted yesterday a 15 foot-by-15 foot Confederate battle flag on a swath of freshly cleared forestland adjacent to well-traveled I-95 in Virginia.
An historian spoke, a rendition of “Dixie,” was sung, a bagpiper played “Amazing Grace,” – and, yes – there was, indeed, a rebel yell.
Hundreds gathered for the ceremony, held in Chester, about 10 miles south of Richmond.
The flaggers had announced earlier this year their intention to hoist the red-and-blue flag up a 50-foot pole located on a parcel of privately owned land donated specifically for the purpose.
The group’s members – and its advocates – have argued their intention is solely to honor those who fought for the South during the Civil War full story