Friday, November 21, 2014

Villanova Senior Removed From Philly-Bound Flight  By Kelly Bayliss                                                                                                             
Villanova University senior Katie tells NBC10 she was escorted off her U.S. Airways plane Wednesday, after asking the flight attendant for allergy medicine. She says she needed it because she broke out into hives. NBC10's Keith Jones sits down for a one-on-one conversation with the passenger. (Published Friday, Nov 21, 2014)
A local college student who broke out in hives was "humiliated" after she was removed from a US Airways flight bound for Philadelphia Wednesday night for asking a flight attendant for a common allergy medicine.
"I started sweating and I started itching so I asked for Benadryl," said the Villanova senior who asked only to be referred to as Katie
And that's when the interrogation began, according to the student.
"Flight attendants kept asking me the main trigger questions, the main symptom questions for Ebola," she said.
Katie, who was in Charlotte, N.C. for a medical school interview, was removed from the still-grounded plane. She received medical treatment and was put up in a hotel, paid for by the airline, and also rebooked on a flight for the next morning, according to US Airways.
Ebola "never came up," said Kate Cody, a representative for the airline.
It's common practice for a medics to check out any passenger who says they aren't feeling well, according to Cody.
"If a person is feeling sick before a plane takes off, they will be checked out."

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