Thursday, November 20, 2014

WH laughs: 'It doesn't tear up the constitution'

He's been tearing up the constitution since he took office, looks to me that he is seeing just how much he can get away with, how far he can go. And what can we do about it...NOTHING !
   We elected congress as our VOICES, but they don't care what you or I want them to do. THEY WILL DO WHATEVER SERVES THEMSELVES WELL. We "little guys" have no representation. 
   That is why our only recourse is to rebel and demonstrate [take note... Ferguson Mo] I don't agree with their. methods BUT.... they are being heard, the city and cops are listening to them. 
   But....I'm wasting my breath, everyone will sit back and accept whatever is decreed by our emperor.    GOD BLESS AMERICA, we're going to need his blessing!!

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