Friday, November 21, 2014

immigration....I'm not saying I agree with obama, but just giving the legality of his "amnesty" proclamation

A MEMBER OF MY FAMILY IS A LAWYER, AND JUST HAPPENS TO BE AN IMMIGRATION LAWYER.......This is what he wrote on the legality of obamas actions [he happens to be a stone republican]

One thing that is annoying me about all of those with knee-jerk complaints over the President's announcement is the campaign of misinformation and ignorance. Let's start with this term, "amnesty." What the President is doing is far from amnesty. He has no power to grant amnesty. The only power he has is to grant deferred action. This is NOT a legal status, but merely a promise not to deport. It can be broken by this or the next President at any time. Deferred action is not a  pathway to legal permanent residency, let alone citizenship. Where's the so-called amnesty in that? 
In fact, while we're at it, let me break another bubble of ignorance. It is not a criminal offense to be present in the United States without a visa. Nothing to grant amnesty from on the criminal side then.
Second is the argument that he's overreaching. Really? If that's the case then why are there provisions of US immigration law that permit the President to grant deferred action and allow deferred action recipients to apply for work authorization. It's already there in the law! No need to ask for authority Congress has already given him.
Then there's this notion that deferred action will cost the Government more money. Really? Those who receive deferred action will NOT be eligible for Federal entitlement programs, not matter how many ignorant memes you post.
Dare I say this program will save the Government money. First, there will be a filing fee that covers the cost of processing the paperwork. That's how USCIS is funded. Second, the President is requiring the recipients to pay taxes. Indeed, by coming out of the shadows, they will now have Social Security numbers and withholdings. I'd point out here that they will pay into the Social Security and Medicaid systems, yet be ineligible for Social Security and Medicaid benefits. Third, this will remove cases from Immigration Court, where the Government pays the salaries of Immigration Judges, ICE attorneys, ICE Security Officers and court personnel.
So before giving your knee-jerk reaction to this latest deferred action program, at least know your facts and stop spreading ignorance of immigration law.

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