Sunday, April 14, 2024

The FEDS need to quit trying to regulate GUNS!!Remember how well obama did in that dept with eric holders help,,,,,
A New Gun Regulation in the US is Set to Take Effect   Story by Rashford Carpenter • 14h The Artist

Gun Violence (Credits: Amnesty International)© Provided by The Artistree

The Biden administration is set to implement a new rule requiring thousands of firearms dealers in the United States to conduct background checks on buyers at gun shows and other locations outside traditional stores.

This move aims to close a loophole that has allowed unlicensed dealers to sell tens of thousands of guns annually without performing background checks, potentially enabling prohibited individuals to obtain firearms. Gun rights groups are expected to challenge the rule in court.

President Joe Biden emphasized the importance of this rule in preventing guns from falling into the hands of domestic abusers and felons, urging Congress to pass universal background check legislation.

The rule mandates that sellers primarily engaged in firearm sales for profit must be federally licensed and conduct background checks, regardless of where they sell firearms.

The administration’s efforts to curb gun violence also include creating the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention and calling for a ban on assault weapons.

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