Friday, September 12, 2014

One more step in removing Christianity from the U S. I imagine a "muslim" symbol would have been O K

Football team forced to remove Christian crosses from helmets By

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    Memorial decals seen on the helmets of the Arkansas State team before a game with Montana State earlier this year. (Courtesy Arkansas State)
  • Football players at Arkansas State University were ordered to either remove a Christian cross decal from their helmets or modify it into a mathematical sign after a Jonesboro attorney complained that the image violated the U.S. Constitution.The cross decal was meant to memorialize former player Markel Owens and former equipment manager Barry Weyer, said athletic director Terry Mohajir.  Weyer was killed in a June car crash. Owens was gunned down in Tennessee in January.
These young men were simply trying to do a good deed. They were standing up for their fallen teammates. It’s really too bad the university could not stand up for the team.

Barry Weyer, Sr., told me that the players and coaches voluntarily decided to memorialize his son and Owens.              READ STORY

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