Thursday, September 11, 2014

Teen Caught On Video In Vicious Mob Assault on White Student Found ‘Not Guilty,’ Lawyer Claims Victim ‘Doesn’t Like Black People’

In April, a five black Delaware teens were caught on video viciously assaulting a white Dover student on a school bus (see below). Four of the teens pleaded guilty to assault but one teen decided to take his chances at trial and has been acquitted despite the video evidence.
Tracy Matthews decided to take his chances at trial. Frontpage reports that “Matthews said no matter what it seemed like on the video – he’s the one with the hoodie – he was not beating anyone. He was just looking for his headphones.”

Alec’s dad, Dale Guessford, says that before the family even got to the room to speak with the commissioner, they ran into the teens who assaulted their son.
“They were laughing and taunting us,” Guessford said. “Trying to intimidate us. Finally the court officials moved us to another room.”

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Dan said...

We need to know the make up of the jury. If it was all black etc. Then the DA needs to be fired for stupidity.