Monday, September 8, 2014

Another mob, rioting...for what reason. You will notice, nowhere in the article does it state the race of the rioters.....GEE....I WONDER WHAT RACE THEY WERE ?

Shocking footage shows violent teen mob attacking shoppers, workers at Tennessee grocery parking lot (VIDEO)

Two Kroger workers were knocked out when rioters attacked them and heaved large pumpkins at their heads, police said. One boy, caught on camera kicking a helpless Kroger worker, has been arrested, and Memphis police were searching for others. BY   September 8, 2014                           

A rabid teen mob swarmed a Tennessee grocery parking lot and attacked people at random, including two young workers who tried to help and were knocked out by Halloween pumpkins, a sickening video shows.
As many as 100 to 125 kids were involved in the brutal attacks outside the Memphis Kroger store Saturday night that may have been part of a "knockout game"-style challenge aimed at injuring innocent people, a witness told local WREG-TV.
Police said swarms of teens attacked at least three people at the Kroger store on Saturday night, including two workers who rushed to protect a shopper. So far, one teen — caught on video kicking a young Kroger worker in the head — has been arrested and charged with aggravated assault, aggravated riot and other counts.
Police didn't identify him, saying only that he was underage.
Cops vowed to hunt down other thugs involved in the attack and were asking for the public's help in bringing them to justice.


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