Monday, September 8, 2014

Another story makes no sense to me. the wife of the dead policeman suing the gunshop that sold the gun, that killed he husband....Well, why stop there ? Why not sue the gunmaker that sold the gun to the gundealer that sold the gun to the customer that somehow allowed the gun to wind up in the shooters hands. OR Why not sue the fed. agency that issued the license to the gun dealer that....etc. etc.. etc.

The widow of slain Plymouth Township Police Officer Brad Fox is suing the Montgomery County gun dealer who sold the gun that ended up being used to killer her husband in 2012.
I'm not making fun of the dead officer but, how ridiculus do people get with thier lawsuits? No amount of money is going to bring him back, so all she is doing is trying to make things COMFY for herself......

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skybill said...

Nothing new here, move on....When I was flying out of Long Beach, Ca airport in the mid 70's some dumb student pilot stalled an airplane in the traffic pattern, "CRASHED," and killed himself!! His S.O., wife I think, sued the A/c Mfgr. the FBO that rented him the plane "AND" the "Seat Belt MFGR.!!" I don't remember the outcome but she didn't get much other than a kick in the a**. So what else is new??
Got Gunz??,