Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Gun control fears boost enrollment at gun range

Gun control fears boost enrollment at Manhattan's only commercial gun range   Published September 09, 2014   FOX NEWS   By John Potratz
    People are popping off rounds beneath the busy streets of Manhattan. The stench of burnt gunpowder fills the air. Paper targets twitch from incoming bullets. And shell casings clank with each ear-piercing bang from the shooters in their booths.
It’s just another day at West Side Rifle and Pistol Range, Manhattan’s only commercial gun range and one of the few places where people can practice using firearms legally in the New York City area. Hundreds of clients shoot there, many of them police officers.                       

     Despite the limitations within New York City, owner Darren Leung says fear of the government and the possibility of more gun restrictions is what really helps drive his business.
“We’ve often said that our government is our best gun seller,” he says. “Every time they say something people go crazy and they start running out and buying a lot.”

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