Saturday, April 4, 2020


Trump certainly has the right to "fire" Michael Atkinson, as he says, "he wants and needs people on his team he can trust".

From the beginning of his term in office, he has constantly had to "watch his back", not knowing who was on his side and who was not, From the Democrats to the MEDIA, and even some Rino's, He's had to fight the whole way  ....A HELL of a way to have to try to run a country...!

Trump came into the presidency as a businessman, not a politician, the Dems couldn't accept this,...If they had, and tried to help Trump instead of roadblocking every little thing he tried to do, then maybe politics in our "broken" country wouldn't be as bad as they are. He had to LEARN on the job, It was a missed opportunity of the Dems to possibly turn Trump into , maybe the greatest President ever...! ( I already think he just might be the best yet )

But NO...Dems fought him tooth and nail at every possible chance. SO... if Trump isn't "PRESIDENTIAL", if he doesn't realize that sometimes he needs to keep his mouth shut, the Dems are mainly at fault, MORE than anyone else....And it's ongoing, look at what Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and Nadler are doing, even now.....

 The Dems are preparing another IMPEACHMENT, I guess getting ready, if Trump is re-elected to spend another 3 and a half years with another ROADBLOCK, so again our country will suffer at the hands of "THE DO NOTHING DEMOCRATS"...!!!!!

All this contingent on whether we survive the CORONA19 pandemic....!!!

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edutcher said...

Trump fights back.

Both Bushes were Presidential.

Reagan was Presidential.

for tried to be Presidential.

Ask yourself who has gotten more done in less time?