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'Stolen' Oregon Home Found 2 Days Later Half a Mile Away News Max · 29 minutes ago

Sheriff: Oregon Home Reported As 'Stolen' Is Found
An Oregon home reported stolen Tuesday has been found about a half mile from its original location, but the question of who moved it is …


Angler Fish

Hollywood has certainly given us plenty of chills, gore and grotesque creatures over the years. But when we think about some of the real creatures that inhabit our planet, we can't imagine anything scarier than the Angler Fish.
The Angler Fish doesn't need Hollywood special effects to make it one of the most frightening creatures on earth. Her front dorsal spine sticks out of her head! There's a fleshy "bait" on the end that actually glows in the dark, making it downright irresistible to fish in the dark waters a mile below the ocean's surface. Staying very still, she dangles the glowing bait in front of her mouth. Soon, an unsuspecting fish swims up to grab the bait … but in a flash, the Angler Fish has its prey skewered on its nightmarish teeth.
Dad hits back after 'false arrest' at school meeting
Spoke out against daughter's X-rated reading assignment

William Baer gets ushered out of a school board meeting in May 2014 by Lt. James Leach, who was then police chief of Gilford, New Hampshire.

William Baer gets ushered out of a school board meeting in May 2014 by Lt. James Leach, who was then police chief of Gilford, New Hampshire.

A New Hampshire man who was handcuffed and arrested for speaking his mind at a local school board meeting last year has filed a lawsuit against the police, alleging violations of his civil rights.
The criminal charges against William Baer of Gilford, New Hampshire, were tossed out of court by Belknap County Judge James Carroll in December, as WND previously reported.
Then-Acting Police Chief James Leach, who made the arrest, could have dropped the charges but elected not to, said Baer, who was arrested while addressing the board about a reading assignment given to his daughter’s ninth-grade class that included sexually explicit material.
“Lieutenant Leach, and Police Chief (Anthony) Bean Burpee, both took an oath to support, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,” Baer told WND. “Lieutenant Leach violated my rights when he silenced and arrested me, and Chief Bean Burpee continued to violate my rights by prosecuting me for nearly seven months.

Naked at airport security
A traveler, apparently upset when asked to remove his belt, decided to make sure he would not set off the metal detector by stripping naked at the security check point. 
It happened at Pulkovo Airport in St. Persburg, Russia.
Security video of the incident showed the man start by taking off his shoes. He then removed his pants and then his shirt and his watch.
The man did leave his socks on.

After calmly walking through the check point the man puts his watch back on before grabbing his clothes and walking off.
Police are reportedly investigating the incident, although security personnel at the scene didn't seem too bothered by the entire incident. 

Filed by 26 states, where are the other 24 ? Whatever the outcome at least SHERIFF JOE is trying to do something

Sheriff Joe hauls 'defiant' Obama before judge............         President's refusal to obey 'another affront to the rule of law'

“Several reports indicate that the executive branch under the Obama administration has not complied with this court’s temporary injunction, but continues full-speed to implement a grant of amnesty and related benefits to approximately 5 million citizens of foreign countries who are illegally in the United States under the defendants’ November 20, 2014, executive action programs implemented by several memoranda issued by Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson,” the filing explains.
The suggestion is accompanied by a motion seeking “further leave” of the court to file the request.
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 FCC Approves 'Net Neutrality' Regulations
Conn Carroll | Feb 26, 2015

If you like what Obamacare has done to health care, you are going to love what the Federal Communications Commission is about to do to the internet.
The FCC voted by a slim 3-2 margin Thursday to pass new "net neutrality" regulations that give the federal government unprecedented control over how the internet is managed.
Just as Obamacare was supposed to make health care cheaper for all Americans, net neutrality is supposed to guarantee "free and open access to the internet," according to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler.
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I thought the"president" couldn't make laws

Obama to ban bullets by executive action  Threatens top-selling AR-15 rifle     Published: 21 hours ago    (Washington Examiner)
 It’s starting.
As promised, President Obama is using executive actions to impose gun control on the nation, targeting the top-selling rifle in the country, the AR-15 style semi-automatic, with a ban on one of the most-used AR bullets by sportsmen and target shooters.
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives this month revealed that it is proposing to put the ban on 5.56 mm ammo on a fast track, immediately driving up the price of the bullets and prompting retailers, including the huge outdoors company Cabela’s, to urge sportsmen to urge Congress to stop the president.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Al-Qaida planning kamikaze attacks on ships in Mediterranean, cables claim
Leaked document claims effort to extend range to Europe   Published: 7 hours ago
(LONDON GUARDIAN) Al-Qaida has developed a seaborne unit to attack targets around the Mediterranean, according to a confidential report from Russian intelligence, one of a cache of secret documents from spy agencies around the world tracking jihadi terrorist groups.
According to the Russians, North African al-Qaida (Aqim – al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb) has established a 60-strong team of suicide bombers to plant mines under the hull of ships and to use small, fast craft for kamikaze attacks.
The claim, in a leaked document from Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), is one of a string of reports on the rise of Islamic State (Isis) and al-Qaida.

C'MON...Stealing lunch money ? From pre-schoolers ?This bitch should go to jail !! At the risk of being racist, look at her name, I wonder if she is one of obamas wonderful mexicans ?

School-bus aide busted for stealing from preschoolers   Woman caught on surveilance video pilfering lunches, money from backpacks   Published: 18 hours ago

(WCAU-TV) A New Jersey school bus aide was arrested after she allegedly stole bagged lunches and money from dozens of preschool students.
Rosa Rios, 33, of Millville, New Jersey, was arrested Friday and charged with robbery and theft. Rios worked as a bus aide for the Sheppard Bus Service.
Bill Opposes Tests Determining School Placement
A Millville Police Officer said she was looking over surveillance footage from a school bus in the company back on Feb. 4 while investigating whether money was stolen from the bus driver. She then spotted Rios on camera going through the students’ backpacks, police said.
Ted Cruz Just Shed Light on Another Crime Committed by Obama; And it’s a WhopperTPNN reports:

Ted Cruz Just Shed Light on Another Crime Committed by Obama; And it’s a Whopper   24 February, 2015

Senator Ted Cruz, a likely 2016 Republican presidential candidate and a favorite within the pro-liberty, pro-Constitution grassroots Tea Party movement, said that Obama has gone way beyond prosecutorial discretion with his unconstitutional amnesty for illegal aliens, but is basically “counterfeiting immigration documents.”
   Appearing on FOX News’ “The Kelly File” with Megyn Kelly on Tuesday, Sen. Cruz accused Obama of a “my way or the highway approach,” and that just because Congress may not give him everything he wants, and he is unwilling to compromise, doesn’t give him to the authority unilaterally ignore federal law and violate the Constitution, and America’s system of checks and balances.
   Regarding the huge decision late Monday by federal Judge Hanen, which at least temporarily halts the implementation of Obama’s illegal amnesty, Sen. Cruz told Kelly (emphasis added):
“This district court opinion, it’s a 50-page opinion which I would encourage anyone interested in the law to read this opinion, because it’s a careful, scholarly opinion. And one of the things it points out is the president has claimed, rather absurdly, that the basis of his authority is quote, ‘prosecutorial discretion,’ that he is simply choosing not to prosecute four-and-a-half million people here illegally.
   But what the district court concluded quite rightly, is they’re doing far more than that. The administration is printing work authorizations — it is affirmatively acting in contravention of federal law.
   Basically, what it’s doing is counterfeiting immigration documents, because the work authorizations it’s printing are directly contrary to the text of federal law, and it is dangerous when a president ignores federal law.”
   Before declaring his illegal amnesty Obama previously claimed 22 times, in his own words, that he had no such constitutional authority, including the infamous “I’m not a dictator,” and “I’m not a king” lines. 

And of course he is speaking to a predominately hispanic crowd made up of ??? illegals

President Obama Defends Immigration Policies in MSNBC/Telemundo Town        

President Barack Obama on Wednesday challenged Republicans to pass a bill declaring his immigration executive action illegal and then vowed to veto it while at a town hall where he also exhorted young people to vote and predicted a Latino or Asian American would one day be in the White House.
Obama spent about an hour discussing immigration at the bilingual town hall hosted by MSNBC and Telemundo on the Florida International University campus.

"If McConnell, the leader of the Senate and the Speaker of the House John Boehner want to have a vote on whether what I'm doing is legal or not, they can have that vote. I will veto that vote," Obama said

"Do you really intend to deport 11 million people?"-----Why not, if they are here illegally ? They wouldn't be here if not for obamas  "open border policy" THEY ARE ILLEGALS!!!
If they come into the country thru the system set in place, then WELCOME ! otherwise..........ADIOS

Strange news out of Oregon

Home vanishes in Oregon
An Oregon sheriff says a 1,200-square-foot cabin along a river has been stolen, taken right off its foundation. Officials are asking for help finding it…

‘Jihadi John’: The Islamic State killer behind the mask is a young Londoner     The Washington Post

American hostage Peter Kassig is paraded in front of the camera in an orange boiler suit in a video released on the internet showing the beheading of British hostage Alan Henning, by a British ISIL terrorist known as "Jihadi John."
© Rex features American hostage Peter Kassig is paraded in front of the camera in an orange boiler suit in a video released on the internet showing the beheading of British hostage Alan Henning, by a British ISIL terrorist known as "Jihadi John."
LONDON — The world knows him as “Jihadi John,” the masked man with a British accent who has beheaded several hostages held by the Islamic State and who taunts audiences in videos circulated widely online.
But his real name, according to friends and others familiar with his case, is Mohammed Emwazi, a Briton from a well-to-do family who grew up in West London and graduated from college with a degree in computer programming. He is believed to have traveled to Syria around 2012 and to have later joined the Islamic State, the group whose barbarity he has come to symbolize.
“I have no doubt that Mohammed is Jihadi John,” said one of Emwazi’s close friends who identified him in an interview with The Washington Post. “He was like a brother to me. . . . I am sure it is him"  STORY


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

So, no matter what republicans come up with, obama will VETO it. No matter what WE THE CITIZENS want or think. HOW DARE WE, WHO DO WE THINK WE ARE ???

obama Puts Pressure On Republicans Over Immigration: 'I Will Veto' Attempts To Block Reform
WASHINGTON, Feb 25 (Reuters) - president barack obama raised the political pressure on Republicans over immigration on Wednesday, telling young members of Miami's Latino community that Republicans were to …The Huffington Post · 32 minutes ago
Exclusive: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Says Constitution Trumps ‘Compassion’ for Undocumented Immigrants
PHOTO: ABC News Jim Avila interviews Texas Gov. Greg Abbott about Obamas executive action on immigration.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott told ABC News the Constitution trumps “compassion” for undocumented immigrants. In an exclusive interview with ABC News and Fusion inside the ornate governor’s mansion in Austin, Texas …ABC News · 1 hour ago
Steve Breen

Video captures octopus grabbing crab in surprise land attack

An incredible video has captured the moment when an octopus leaps from a rock pool to launch a surprise attack on a crab before dragging the unfortunate crustacean to its death.
The 50-second YouTube video shows a yellow crab near the edge of a pool. Suddenly, an octopus emerges from the waters, catching the crab completely unawares. Carefully avoiding the crab’s claws, the octopus ensnares its prey with its suckers before quickly retreating to the watery depths with its meal.

Reel-y? 280-pound catfish reportedly caught in Italy's Po River

Catfish come in all varieties, shapes and sizes, some big and some small.
And one downright gigantic, apparently now swimming in a river in Italy.
That's the fish story being told by Dino Ferrari, who reeled in a 280-pound (127-kilogram), 8.75-foot-long catfish last Thursday along the Po River, said Davide Valla, who is with Ferrari's sponsor company Sportex. (The sponsored fisherman wouldn't say exactly where he caught the big fellow, choosing to keep his favorite spots secret.)

I thought these were obamas friends

Iran hangs obama in effigy even as it negotiates nuclear deal with US
The Feb. event marked Iran's overthrow of the Shah, and featured anti-American and anti-Israel sentiments. (MEMRI)
Just weeks before Secretary of State John Kerry held new nuclear talks with Iran’s foreign minister in Geneva, Iranians were hanging Kerry's boss in effigy at a huge Tehran-sponsored rally marking the Islamic Revolution’s 36th anniversary, an event that critics say underscores the absurdity of the ongoing diplomatic effort.


Susan Rice: Netanyahu Visit 'Destructive' To U.S.-Israel Relationship   The Huffington Post

US National Security Adviser Susan Rice speaks during the closing session of the White House Summit to Counter Violent Extremism at the State Department on February 19, 2015 in Washington, DC. AFP PHOTO/MANDEL NGAN (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images) © MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images US National Security Adviser Susan Rice speaks during the closing session of the White House Summit to Counter Violent Extremism at the State Department on February 19, 2015 in Washington, DC. AFP… Susan Rice, President Barack Obama's national security adviser, said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's planned speech in front of a joint session of Congress will be "destructive" to U.S.-Israel relations.
"What has happened over the last several weeks, by virtue of the invitation that was issued by the Speaker [John Boehner] and the acceptance of it by Prime Minister Netanyahu two weeks in advance of his election, is that on both sides, there has now been injected a degree of partisanship, which is not only unfortunate, I think it's destructive of the fabric of the relationship," Rice told PBS' Charlie Rose.
"It's always been bipartisan," Rice added. "We need to keep it that way. We want it that way. I think Israel wants it that way. The American people want it that way. When it becomes injected or infused with politics, that's a problem."
Obama has said he will not meet with Netanyahu ahead of his speech in March, saying it would be "inappropriate" to meet with the leader two weeks before the Israeli elections. Netanyahu was invited to speak in front of a joint session of Congress by House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), who did not seek approval from the White House before sending the invitation.
Several lawmakers have spoken out against the speech, saying it could cause additional strain on international talks over Iran's nuclear plans. Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) called Netanyahu's speech "a tawdry and high-handed stunt" in a statement earlier this month.