Friday, May 9, 2014

School Delays Opening Due to Bear in Tree   By Dan Stamm           Friday, May 9, 2014  

One of the Stranger Reasons to Delay School
 Teacherhave heard all sorts of excuses before like the dog ate my homework or my little brother threw away my backpack but in this case the police were the ones telling teachers why kids wouldn’t be in class.
Phillipsburg High School in Warren County, N.J. opened 90 minutes late Friday morning after someone spotted a bear high up in a tree on the Hillcrest Boulevard campus.
Phillipsburg Police told NBC10 that they received a tip around 6 a.m. that a black bear was up a tree above some school buildings in the area of Hillcrest and Route 22.
Police said the bear spotting delayed the school opening as they tried to lure the bear from the tree.
Lehigh Valley Live reported that Phillipsburg School District Superintendent George Chando said that classes would be held following the delay but that outside gym class would be canceled.
It took about three and half hours for crews to tranqualize the bear and bring it down out of the tree

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