Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Cops use tank to pull over man who flipped bird                                                  Police suspect he and girlfriend had sex in car 

Bearcat A Florida sheriff is investigating after allegations that his deputies used a military-style armored vehicle to pull over a Gainesville man who had flipped the officers his middle finger.
Lucas Jewell, 23, recorded his interaction on a cell phone with a team of Alachua County sheriff’s deputies in special-operations uniforms after the intimidating Bear Cat armored personnel carrier stopped his Ford Taurus at a local library, the Ocala Star Banner reported.
Deputy Charles Drake wrote in an incident report that he and his fellow deputies were headed east along West University Avenue in the armored vehicle when he spotted the Ford and its driver “extending a hand gesture toward them,” the newspaper reported.
Inside the car, the deputy also saw a woman with her head in the driver’s lap. The woman pulled her head up from the driver’s lap and reportedly smiled at the deputies as the Ford passed.
The deputies suspected the woman was performing a sex act on the driver, later named as Jewell in the report.

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