Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I came upon this article accidently, what I read would be funny under other circumstances but what is highlited in yellow is yours and my social security money, money we paid in.....

Money Down a Hole
John Stossel  Posted: May 04, 2016

Money Down a Hole

A closer contest would be: Who will bankrupt America first, Trump or Clinton?
Trump's a contender because he promises a trade war. That's what gave us the Great Depression. Trump claims that China is "raping" America. No, Donald, rape is force. Your proposed tariffs are also force. Trade is voluntary and good. Big difference.
Clinton might bankrupt America first, however, because Democrats promise more regulation and handouts free college, free pre-K, higher minimum wage, etc. Similar activist government spending just destroyed Puerto Rico.
This week, Puerto Rico defaulted on $370 million worth of bonds.
The territory's "generous" government squandered the island's resources. Decades of leftist governors hired their friends. In Puerto Rico and Greece, about one in four workers works for government, compared to 14.6 percent in the mainland U.S.

Puerto Rico's current governor points out that Puerto Ricans enjoy 30 days of paid vacation every year, 18 sick days and 14 paid holidays. That's about two months paid leave every year. No wonder businesses wither.
The government gives "free" energy to government-owned enterprises. This encouraged "investments" like the government-owned ice rink. Yes, ice skating was what bureaucrats thought the tropical island needed. Maybe they saw that movie, "Cool Runnings," and thought winter sports in the tropics sounded fun

Puerto Rico's long reliance on handouts and welfare created a culture of helplessness and entitlement. A U.S. inspector general found that some Puerto Ricans got Social Security disability payments because of their "inability to communicate in English." Really. They live on a Spanish-speaking island.


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