Monday, May 2, 2016


Looking Back On How Donald Trump Beat Hillary Clinton  Kurt Schlichter   Posted: May 02, 2016

Looking Back On How Donald Trump Beat Hillary Clinton
Ted Cruz can and should be the Republican nominee. But if the GOP decides to nominate Donald Trump, the conventional wisdom about Hillary Clinton turning this election into “Mondale II: The Orangeing” could be very, very wrong…
Looking back 25 years ago to the election of 2016, it is clear that Clinton’s campaign team was badly mistaken when it thought that the vast middle of American politics would blame the Republicans for the violence outside the convention. Every pinko, commie, and socialist freak with a cause and a Soros subsidy descended upon Cleveland, and the ensuing chaos was supposed to show that Donald Trump brought violence and disorder in his wake. The Democrat lovefest to follow was supposed to provide a stark contrast, with Hillary bringing peace and blessed calm. But Americans didn’t see it that way.


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