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Clinton Campaign Mgr. Can’t Answer Questions - ‘Why Are You Here Then?’

Published on Sep 21, 2016
Video Transcript:

Hillary Clinton's campaign manager Robby Mook looked foolish on MSNBC by refusing to answer any foreign policy questions.

WILLIE GEIST: What's her biggest regret about the way Syria's been handled?

MOOK: Well, obviously she's been out of office for some time now.

GEIST: She was there when it started. Yeah. I understand, Robby. What about in Syria, though? She supported the drawings of the red line. Obviously she was out of her office when Assad used chemical weapons. Was it a mistake to draw the red line if the president was not willing to go, to do something about it when it was crossed?

MOOK: Well, as you pointed out, the decision regarding that was made after she was out of office so I think you'd have to ask President Obama.

GEIST: Was she disappointed that the president didn't act when the line was crossed?

MOOK: I think you'd have to ask her about that question, how she would characterize it.

GEIST: You're here to speak for her, Robby. You haven't discussed that at all?

MOOK: Look, what matters is what she is going to do as president. You can go on our website and read the full plan there.

MIKE BARNICLE: How would Secretary Clinton respond to somewhat of a version of the following question, we've had a relief convoy bombed, potentially a war crime, leading into Aleppo. What would you do, Secretary Clinton, about providing food, water, and medicine to the citizens of eastern Aleppo today, right now, differently than what the Obama Administration is doing? What would she do differently?

MOOK: Again, I think you're going to have to ask her that question. That's a matter of policy and I'm going to leave it for her.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: We love you, buddy, but what are you here for if you can't answer basic questions? I mean, I don't know if there's a — I mean, we may be tiptoeing into Gary Johnson territory here if you don't know the answer to that basic of a question - What is the response to Aleppo? Then why do we have you here?

MOOK: I think — look, you're asking new policy questions. You would have to ask the secretary.

SCARBOROUGH: New? Aleppo's been around for — Syria's been around for some time. The red line being drawn has been around for some time. I'm not being difficult here at all. These are basic questions.

HILLARY CLINTON: I've been the most transparent public official in modern times as far as I know

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