Sunday, January 29, 2017

Chuck Schumer Instantly Regretted Attacking This Republican Senator 
Chuck Schumer is known as a fierce partisan who is all too happy to launch baseless smear attacks against Republicans.
He tried running his mouth at Republican senator Tom Cotton.
He instantly regretted his decision.
Schumer and Cotton got into a spat on the floor of the Senate over the Democrats decision to delay the confirmation vote of Mike Pompeo to head the CIA.
Democrats had initially agreed to vote to confirm Pompeo along with Trump’s other picks to run the Defense Department and Department of Homeland Security on inauguration day.
Schumer led the Democrats to stab Trump in the back and break their word by delaying the vote on confirming Pompeo.
Senator Cotton confronted Schumer about his reneging on his agreement, and that’s when Schumer tried to dismiss Cotton by flippantly accusing him of not being around eight years ago when Senate Republicans did the same to Obama.
Unfortunately for Schumer, Cotton was serving in Afghanistan as a member of the U.S. army, which he forcefully reminded Chuck Schumer. ( Chuck Schumer avoided the Draft )

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