Tuesday, January 31, 2017

THIS IS FROM 8 YEARS AGO ...Why I don't like or trust muslims, especially when they are wearing their robes or hijabs......THIS MARKET IS WHERE MY WIFE AND I SHOP.


Police officer Steven Liczbinski shot, in cold blood, dead with an assault rifle
A hero was killed in the line of duty in Philadelphia yesterday. Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski, a Philadelphia police officer and father of three, died after being shot by 3 bank robbers. His dying words were, “tell my wife I’ll miss her.” He was 39 years old.
So far police have captured one suspect, killed another, and there is a massive manhunt for the 3rd killer. 
The killers wore “muslim garb” — full-length robes that concealed their faces and no one knew if they were men or woman. At least one man had a semi-auto rifle under his robe.
Here’s an excerpt.
A ShopRite official, not in the branch at the time, noticed the robbers as they moved away from the counter. They were masked and wore draped, neck-to-foot clothing, he said. He could not tell if they were men or women. He saw no weapon.
Lt. Frank Vanore, a police spokesman, gave a slightly different description of the robbers.
He described one as a man wearing “Muslim garb” and carrying a shoulder bag.

He said a second robber, apparently a woman, was wearing full-length, “light-brown Muslim garb.”

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