Saturday, February 4, 2017

By demeaning Trump and call him a “racist,” “Nazi,” and “white supremacist,” these Hollywood fools are also mocking his millions of supporters.

All the demonstrations going on around the country are AGAINST Trump. These hundred of thousands of people in the streets demonstrating (RIOTING). No one is speaking up for those of us who DID vote for him and still stand behind him. I wonder just how many of these "demonstrators" actually voted ? Donald Trump is the first elected President that took office and immediately began to do what he promised during his campaign. (Actually, before he took office)

Time for Deplorables to Boycott Hollywood  Jeff Crouere Posted: Feb 04, 2017

Time for Deplorables to Boycott Hollywood

During the presidential campaign, several dozen brainless Hollywood stars were so upset at Donald Trump that they promised to leave the country if he won. Well we are still waiting for them to do everyone a favor and exit stage left. Of course, they lied and continue to pollute the airwaves here in America.

Now that it is awards season for the movie industry, it has been non-stop criticism of our new President.  At the Golden Globes Awards, Meryl Streep blasted President Trump for his supposedly hateful gesturing about a disabled reporter during the campaign. Never mind that the Trump gestures were like other ones he has made about a variety of non-disabled individuals. In addition, he denied it was directed at the reporter in question or meant as a sign of disrespect, but facts never get in the way of the Hollywood star making an idiotic statement.


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