Friday, February 3, 2017

Fake news as media wilfully lie about Social Security gun ban  By  D.E

Photo: Pixabay CC0
Photo: Pixabay CC0
The U.S. House of Representatives Thursday repealed a discriminatory Social Security rule denounced by mental health experts and the anti-gun American Civil Liberties Union.
If you didn’t know that, it’s because liberal media outlets reported it with headlines like this:
BREAKING: US House of Representatives has voted to roll back background checks for gun ownership
The reaction was instantaneous, and intentional. Social media was flooded with rabid leftists hurling death threats at Republican lawmakers — accusing them of abolishing background checks at gun shows.
It was a complete lie.
There was no change whatsoever to background check requirements.
The rule in question automatically listed Social Security and Veterans Administration beneficiaries as banned gun owners if they had named someone else to handle their finances.
Under this Obama administration proposal, bureaucrats within the SSA and VA would automatically deem someone as “mentally incompetent” if they had a fiduciary handling their benefits and they would be entered into the National Instant Check System as prohibited persons.


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