Sunday, February 5, 2017

If you truly abhor violence, don’t lie down with the dogs who advocate it. If you know what they do and continue to ally yourself with them, it’s probably because you’re a dog yourself.

Democrats Lie Down With Dogs  Derek Hunter  Posted: Feb 05, 2017

Democrats Lie Down With Dogs
When I wrote my Thursday column, I worried I might have gone a little overboard with the Nazi references about the political left. That’s why I added the note about how I’d written it while angry. .....LINK >> THURSDAY COLUMN  February 02, 2017

But events since I wrote that piece on Monday made me realize I probably had not done it enough.

There does not seem to be a bottom to the depravity of progressives. The 100 million-plus people slaughtered on the altar of various forms of their political philosophy and tactics in the last 100 years haven’t caused them to pause even for a second. For the agenda of an all-encompassing government, nothing else matters.

In Maryland, where I live, Gov. Larry Hogan gave the annual “State of the State Address” on Wednesday. Hogan has the highest approval rating of any governor in the country, which is amazing for a Republican governor in a deep-blue state.

Immediately after the speech, Democrats attacked him for not criticizing President Trump in his speech…about the state of the state of Maryland. Trump had not been president for two weeks, but Democrats were demanding Hogan condemn him anyway.


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