Thursday, February 2, 2017

These "protesters" should ALL be arrested and charged, this isn't a protest, it's a RIOT

Berkeley's 'Anti-Fascism' Protesters Embrace Fascism to Shut Down Free Speech   Guy Benson Posted: Feb 02, 2017

Video: Berkeley's 'Anti-Fascism' Protesters Embrace Fascism to Shut Down Free Speech
On Fox's Outnumbered this afternoon, we discussed the disgraceful scene in Berekely, California last night, wherein rioters forced the cancellation of a speech by alt-right provocateur Milo Yiannopolous. These outlaws claim to be "protesting" fascism, intolerance, and "dangerous" speech -- yet they're the ones who've embraced openly fascistic tactics. Indeed, what better way to maintain a 'safe space' than, you know, burning things to the ground and smashing windows? In our conversation, I hypothesized what the reaction would look like if the ideological roles were flipped, explained how these people are proving Milo's point about them, and exposed their screaming hypocrisy about the 'F-word:'

As I alluded to in the clip, I'm not exactly a fan of Milo's, but I'll go to bat for his free speech rights -- and the rights of Americans to peaceably assemble -- every day of the week.  In the name of combatting fascism, these fascist rioters destroyed private and public property, and even assaulted a pro-Milo attendee with pepper spray during an interview outside the venue. Disgusting:


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