Saturday, February 4, 2017

Trump got a D- for his "Muslim ban" announcement. But the MEDIA got a solid F for the sloppy, misleading and partisan way they covered it.

Derailing the Trump Express  Michael Reagan  Posted: Feb 03, 2017

Derailing the Trump Express
The Trump Train is rolling on.
It's going so fast and in so many directions at once that its critics can't catch up.
All week long President Trump has filled the headlines with news.
He's nominated Neil Gorsuch -- a great judge who understands and reveres what the Constitution says, not what he'd like it to say -- to fill Antonin Scalia's un-fillable seat on the Supreme Court.
He's seen his major cabinet picks at State, Treasury, the EPA, HHS, etc., finally get confirmed, despite the whining and foot dragging of Senate Democrats.
He's issued executive orders on taxes, regulations and who knows what else.
And he's had tough-guy Michael Flynn, his National Security Advisor, sternly warn the Iranians that we're no longer going to stand idly by as they make trouble in the Mideast and test-rattle their ballistic missiles.
By the time this column gets into print, we could be invading Yemen.


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