Sunday, June 4, 2017

Desperate whining and spinning from Kathy Griffin’s attorney  By  Kelly 

Kathy Griffin Press Conference 6/2/2017

Make up your mind Kathy! You’re either sorry or you’re not. Just listen to this claptrap.
The bleating lawyer Lisa Bloom (daughter of civil rights attorney Gloria Allred) incorporates it all: misunderstood artistic edginess; sexism; bullying by the First Family.

Whatever contrition she had has been replaced by that liberal panacea:victimhood.
Listen Kathy, you did a horrible thing and you are paying the price for it. America is a forgiving nation, how about you do some nice things and we might let you back on our TVs? You can’t blame this on someone else. Stop whining. Stop spinning. Stop hiding behind your hatred for Donald Trump.

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