Wednesday, June 14, 2017

It Was Just Released Who The NSA Leaker Was Working For... THIS IS TREASON
By Paris Swade.

Reality Winner worked as a contractor for the government and is accused of giving classified information from the National Security Agency to an online news outlet.

Reality Winner just got exposed. On Thursday, alleged NSA leaker, Reality Winner was indicted in front of a federal grand jury on a single count, according to the Gateway Pundit. It just came out that she wanted to burn the White House down and she pledged her allegiance to the… well you’ll just have to see below.

Reality Winner was recently arrested for leaking classified documents to a news outlet, The Intercept. She regularly discussed her hatred for Trump on social media as reported by Liberty Writers earlier. Her testimony is going to rock the internet. This woman wanted to burn down the White House.

According to WSB Atlanta, Winner entered a not-guilty plea. The judge has denied bond.

Evidence seized from her home show that Winner had plans to burn down the White House and travel to Afghanistan to pledge her allegiance to the Taliban.

Jailhouse calls have been recorded of Winner telling her mother how to play her side to the media. She also told her sister that she was “I’m pretty, white and cute.” She had plans to braid her hair and cry in court.

It just goes to show you how screwed up liberalism is. This woman came from an American family and gave up her own country for nothing. She wanted to pledge allegiance to the Taliban. How is this not treason?


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