Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Pelosi and Schumer Should Take a Lesson from Bill Clinton
By Kelly- Dec 17, 2018

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As much as the media obsesses over President Trump, and as much as he exhibits to the media the behavior they love to hate, it is amazing how little the media remembers.

The latest flap over immigration policy, and especially the televised Oval Office meeting just last Tuesday with soon-to-be Speaker Nancy Pelosi and still-Senate Minority Leader Schumer, has the left and its media darlings all in a tizzy.

The fact is, the episode and its aftermath are vintage Trump — pure stagecraft. And anything the president said at that meeting had a shelf life of precisely one news cycle.

The White House meeting was orchestrated by Trump not to announce new substantive policy or signal a major change in policy. Trump has been railing about building the wall since long before he was elected in 2016.
His base continues to support him on that issue, and he knows this. He also must know the polling on the question of whether to build a wall has remained relatively constant over the course of his presidency and does not spike or crater depending on what he says. It’s all about negotiating. Think Bill Clinton.


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