Monday, February 23, 2015

I probably shouldn't post this LIE because everyone knows only WHITE people are RACIST!!!

White Family Receives Racist Threats After Moving Into New Home: ‘We Are Watching You White Bitch’
UK should round up all the blacks  and send them all to Nigeria..the only country with any balls if you screw with their people is Jordan.......
A young British mother of two moved into her new home to find herself “welcomed” with racist graffiti and a threatening note on the door stating that the area was for..“black brothers and sisters.”

Sammie Sunter, 24, was taking her two sons to see their new home in Willenhall in the UK. That’s when she found the front door covered with feces and graffiti. A racist note attached to the letterbox read: “Willenhall is black so fuck off.”.READ MORE

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