Friday, January 29, 2016

Sean Hannity Interviews Muslims If Sharia Should Be First Over The Constitution

From AN:

Sean Hannity has been a strong voice for conservatives for more than a decade now. During his time on Fox News, has been known for his take-no-bull approach, and backing up his arguments with the cold, hard facts.
   In this particular segment, one of Hannity’s correspondents is walking down a New York street in front of an Islamic community center. He interviews several pedestrians, asking if Sharia Law should supersede the United States Constitution.
   We’re not surprised but the answers, but it is shocking to see the amount of Muslims that believe it is a reasonable idea to implement Sharia Law in American society.
   President Obama likes to claim that only extremists are a threat—but this footage tells a very different story. These are everyday, moderate Muslims who are walking the streets of New York.

Watch the footage below and see if you think. Sharia Law is a threat to Western culture?

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