Wednesday, December 21, 2016

obamas foreign policy at work.......or not !

State Dept On Being Excluded From Syria Talks: 'There Have
Always Been Talks That Don't Involve Us' Cortney O'Brien Posted: Dec 21, 2016

Serious discussions are being held over an approaching end to the bloody civil war in Syria. Russia, Turkey and Iran will be participating. The U.S., however, was not invited.
Our exclusion, former UN Ambassador John Bolton told radio host Hugh Hewitt on Wednesday, is "really remarkable" and is a result of the Obama administration's weak foreign policy, which has diminished our international clout.
"It's a sign of the times," Bolton said. "It is a precise reflection of the diminution of American influence under the Obama administration." 
The State Department, however, is insisting their absence is nothing out of the ordinary.


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