Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Should Trump Be Worried about ISIS’s Gruesome Plans For Inauguration Day?
For months, Donald Trump has promised to defeat ISIS if he were elected.
In one speech, he said if elected, he would request from his generals a plan to beat ISIS and have it sitting on his desk within 30 days of taking office.
In other speeches, he has promised to work with any country who is willing to step in the ring to help defeat ISIS. He’s condemned our current leadership for accepting thousands of refugees without any vetting process.
And he’s promised to call ISIS what it is and not beat around the bush, unlike our current Muslim empathizer in chief. Obama certainly didn’t take ISIS seriously when they burst onto the scene back in 2009, calling them the JV team.
But Trump is not even considering the kid gloves for ISIS. He plans to annihilate that evil through whatever means necessary.
No wonder ISIS is upset! They had an easy go at it for years under Obama. There wasn’t even talk of winning under the ‘Bamster.
So the Islamic State in Syria has announced a welcome for Trump that sounds terrifying.
Called “Bloody Sunday”, ISIS plans to unleash hell the same day President-elect Trump takes office.
The British news outlet breaking the story has said ISIS has ramped up their efforts to bring English speakers into the mix so they can have more clear communication.
While the details aren’t clear of where it will happen, having English speakers implies it’s an effort that needs global communication.
This certainly has Europol worried:    READ MORE

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