Sunday, January 15, 2017

I wish he would just "leave it for the next guy"

Last minute Executive gun grab from the Obama White House  By  Kelly
By Pete Souza (White House (P080412PS-0464)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
By Pete Souza  via Wikimedia Commons
In a last desperate move, Obama, who had eight years to “fix” gun ownership by dangerous people, suddenly leaps into action in his Administration’s dying days.
Predictably, it’s a massive Federal agent job creation scheme, power grab and data-collection swoop. While the mental health checks sound like a good idea, the devil is in the detail. For instance, you’re on disability? No gun for you.
And the worst thing? You try and sell your gun to your buddy without a license (which means with out a recordable background check)? That’s a $250,000 fine.
Here’s his EO. I highlighted some interesting bits.


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Andrew said...

Unholy Carp! What else is going to fall from the tree of DOOM?

Hopefully the incoming will be able to quash all of this and the rest of the garbage without too much problem.