Thursday, January 19, 2017

These College Students Tried to Exercise Their First Amendment Rights. You Won't Believe What Happened Next 01/18/2017     Source: American Action News     by: AAN Staff

Maybe they should have handed out copies of the Communist Manifesto instead. Via Campus Reform:
Kellogg Community College (Mich.) is being sued after campus police arrested three conservative activists and college students while they were handing out pocket Constitutions and signing students up for a conservative student organization.

As detailed in video footage obtained exclusively by Campus Reform, a KCC student and two fellow conservative activists spent two to three hours handing out Constitutions and recruiting for a Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) chapter on campus in September before they were accosted by administrators and ultimately arrested for trespassing.

The three activists in the video are Nathan Berning, a Stanford student and employee of the Leadership Institute; Isaac Edikauskas, vice president of Michigan State YAL; and Shelly Gregoire, president of Kellogg YAL.
Young Americans for Liberty is a conservative/libertarian organization that's growing like wildfire on college campuses. Their principles, as they lay them out:
We are the Young Americans for Liberty. We recognize the natural rights of life, liberty, and property set forth by our Founding Fathers. Our country was created to protect the freedoms of the individual and be directed by We the People.

We recognize that freedom requires responsibility, and therefore we hold ourselves to a high standard of character and conduct. Integrity motivates our action. Principle defines our outlook towards government. Peace and prosperity drive our ambitions towards our countrymen.

We inherit a corrupt, coercive world that has lost respect for voluntary action. Our government has failed and dragged our country into moral decay. The political class dominates the agenda with a violent, callous, controlling grip. For this we do not stand.
What about this sounds threatening to the campus left? A bunch of law abiding students handing out free information that might cause students to think independently and challenge the campus status quo? Well, here's how campus administrators explained it:
Hutchinson denied that students could make the decision not to stop, asserting that “these students also don’t know that they can say ‘see ya later.’”

Edikauskas then asked a student walking by if he “likes freedom and liberty.” The student replied, “sure” and stopped to talk to Edikauskas.

Hutchinson, however, declared that this action broke the Student Code of Conduct because the student was on their way to “educational places,” and the question, “Do you like freedom and liberty?” was too “provocative.”
So college students don't know that they don't have to stop and talk to other college students? Can a college campus do anything more to treat their kids like infants.

This is absolutely baffling.....NO IT'S NOT !  It is all part of the "DUMBING DOWN OF AMERICA" What they don't know can't hurt US

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