Hillary Clinton has made every excuse in the book for why she lost to Donald Trump.
“Fake news”. Russian hackers. Gender. Racism.
But one of her top aides said Clinton made a stunning comment on her election loss that no one will believe.
Jennifer Palmieri was the Clinton campaign’s communications director.
In an interview on CBS, she said Hillary Clinton was not surprised by her loss to Donald Trump.
In fact, she claimed Clinton didn’t even want to run in 2016. She only did so to “save” the Democrats from Bernie Sanders.
Bizpac Review reports:
In some major league spinning, a top Hillary Clinton aide tried to downplay the significance of Clinton’s monumental loss to Donald Trump by suggesting it really wasn’t all that important to her.
Clinton’s campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri told CBS News last week that while Clinton was upset about her defeat, she was not too surprised by it, adding that Clinton only ran because she saw herself as a better option than Bernie Sanders.
“I think she’s one of the people who is least surprised that she lost,” Palmieri said.
 “Contrary to this view that she held onto this dream of being the first woman president,” she added, “I think she came close to not running in 2016.”
You can watch the video of Palmieri’s comments below.
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