Sunday, February 12, 2017

Rochester Schools Teach BLM To FIRST GRADERS, 'Black Lives Deserve Special Affirmation'...WHAT ???

Another Black Lives Matter event in schools. How bad can it be? Let's see... Michael Brown shooting unjustified? Check. Police target black people? Check. Riot as a form of protest? Check. And.. Aww hell..|By Back the Blue

Rochester, NY – Rochester schools throughout the city will celebrate Black Lives Matter Day, February 17, 2017.
According to WXXI News, that Friday has been set aside “as a day of understanding and affirmation in city schools that while all lives matter, black lives deserve special affirmation, attention and understanding right now.”
There has been criticism of the event from others within the school district which has been met with the response that affirmation of black lives doesn’t take away from other people’s lives or identities.

The school district said that 57% of its students are black “and by almost every measure, people of color are not treated equally by our society.”  The school district also said that “It is especially important to highlight the value of black lives in a society whose history involves centuries of slavery and denial of civil rights to black citizens, the impacts of which continue to this day.”

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