Monday, February 13, 2017

The Liberal Response to this Trump Cabinet Appointment Will Make You Shake Your Head  02/12/2017   Source: AAN  by: AAN Staff

Liberalism is a mental disorder.

If that weren't clear, consider the liberal response to Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. As Townhall notes:
In protest of school choice advocate Betsy DeVos becoming the next education secretary, some liberals threatened to homeschool their children. Lost on them, apparently, is the irony of that threat.
  VoidBurger 🍔🎮 @VoidBurger
I used to make fun of homeschooling but now we live in OPPOSITE LAND, where homeschooling may soon be the only way to learn science

  Baeslee ♋ @BronzeSkin_Jay
*looks up how to home school kids* 

 DeVos, who’s invested in charter and private schools and called for their expansion, is also a big proponent of homeschooling, arguing that it’s “another perfectly valid educational option.”
Liberals are so blinded by their perpetual cloud of outrage that their response to DeVos amounts to a threat to exercise school choice. It's an acceptance of the totally valid notion that parents should have a say in how and where their children are educated. It's one that Betsy DeVos supports, and it seems like in their anger, liberals do too.

So, progress?  Source:

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