National Security Advisor Michael Flynn has officially resigned.
Flynn has been the subject of a so-called “mainstream” media and intelligence community pile-on – and the real story behind his resignation indicates frightening consequences for the Trump Presidency.
Reports on his resignation made it obvious this hit job on Flynn was coordinated by former Obama officials and hawkish members within the intelligence community who disagree with Trump and Flynn’s policy towards Russia.
The stated reason for his resignation was because he had discussed Russia’s sanctions – which had been imposed by the Obama administration in the wake of unproven allegations that Russia was behind the hacking of Democrats’ email accounts – with Russia’s ambassador in a late-December phone call.
While Flynn at first denied discussing the sanctions, reports indicated he did discuss them – but had done so in only the most general of terms and made no promises about having the sanctions lifted once Trump took office.
The media then clamored for Flynn’s head and advanced the flimsy claim that he may have violated the 1799 Logan Act, which has never been used to prosecute anyone in American history.
Reporters also presented another completely unsubstantiated claim, which was sourced from the disgraced former Obama deputy, Attorney General Sally Yates.
Yates – whom Trump fired after she refused to do her job and defend his travel immigration executive order – claimed without evidence that Flynn had been “subject to blackmail” by Russia.
The Washington Post reports:  

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