Wednesday, May 24, 2017



Rush Limbaugh: Trump Faces ‘Silent Coup,’ It’s Started!
Rush Limbaugh agrees with author David Horowitz – and says insiders want to stop President Trump and have even launched a “silent coup” against him!
Just after details of FBI Director Comey’s memo leaked last week – about an alleged conversation he had with the president – Limbaugh went on air to warn his listeners.
Rush says Washington insiders have decided to take Trump out!
Here’s what Rush said – and read it carefully:
“I think it has a purposeful, studied effort and outcome, which is a coup. We are watching a silent coup here to oust a duly elected president, and this coup is being mounted by career government people who can traffic anonymously and who are protected by people in the media and within the Democrat Party.”
David Horowitz first predicted and warned of this coup –  that Democrats and big media would start a “coup effort” against the president.
Following is Michael Reagan’s letter about the coup underway against President Trump.
This Is Nothing Less Than a ‘Coup Against Trump’

Urgent Message from Michael Reagan

Dear Friend:
I am watching the cable news channels and I am just stunned.
This is a brazen attempt to oust Donald Trump as president.
This is nothing short of a coup attempt against the duly elected president.
David Horowitz predicted all of this in his bestseller “Big Agenda: President Trump’s Plan to Save America.”
If you watch CNN and MSNBC, they are now salivating about the “impeachment” of President Trump.
The truth is they have been talking about this from the day he took the oath of office.
Now they are claiming a “smoking gun.”
What is it?
A memo by then-FBI Director Comey – who the president just fired.
Comey claims the president tried to close down his investigation into General Flynn.
Who did Comey write the memo to? Well, himself!
Did he inform the attorney general, the Congress or the public about this shocking claim the president tried to obstruct justice?
No, he didn’t.
Sorry folks. I am not buying this!


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