Monday, May 1, 2017

Portland Anarchists Rioting During May Day March – Portland PD Tells All Peaceful Participants To GTFO 

Anarchists are setting bonfires in the streets during a May Day Portland riot.
Anarchists are setting bonfires in the streets during a May Day Portland riot.
Portland, OR – Antifa anarchists have been attacking police officers and destroying property, prompting the city of Portland to pull the May Day march permit. All protesters are being told that the march is now an unlawful assembly and they must leave.
The anarchists have been throwing rocks, paint, glass bottles, and bombs at police officers as well as breaking windows and throwing objects at police cars.
Portland PD has told the crowd that remains that they are subject to arrest and the use of force including riot control agents and impact weapons.
The crowd has remained defiant, yelling at police and throwing more objects at them.
Anarchists in the crowd have also been observed with pepper spray and Tasers.
UPDATE: The anarchists are getting more confrontational, setting off smoke bombs and appear like they are getting ready to fight the police officers.
The anarchists are setting fires in the area of SW 3rd Ave and Morrison St where they appear ready to make their stand and are squaring off with police. Many of the anarchists have put on gas masks and goggles.
UPDATE: Officers have rushed the anarchists and are pushing them back. Three people were just arrested and appeared to resist.
UPDATE: Anarchists are smashing windows and throwing flares inside of the buildings in an apparent attempt to set them on fire. More arrests as the group continues to run ahead of the police.
Anybody with photos or information about the people attacking officers or committing acts of vandalism are being asked to e-mail them to
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