Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Robert E. Lee: An American Hero  Jack Kerwick  Posted: May 23, 2017

Robert E. Lee: An American Hero

The movement is underway to erase from the public square all remnants of the Confederacy. The most recent victory on this score occurred in New Orleans this past weekend when a statue of General Robert E. Lee, the last of four monuments that the city razed over the last couple of weeks, was brought down.
As I have written in a previous column, the campaign against all public monuments to the Confederacy is a campaign against the West.  It is a campaign against the European heritage of Western peoples.  Confederate veterans and sympathizers like Lee are the easiest marks at the moment, but the logic of the crusade to demonize Confederate heroes points inescapably toward the cleansing from the Western world of all white figures from our past who fail to satisfy the left’s contemporary “progressivist” litmus test. 
And this would include virtually every white historical personage.
Every patriotic American who is the least bit concerned with protecting Western civilization generally and American history specifically from those who want to “fundamentally transform” them should be fighting tooth and nail to safeguard public symbols of the Confederacy. It is a disgrace that those “conservative” pundits with national profiles have failed to do so.
However, that the movement against public remnants of the Confederacy promises to lead to a slippery slope is only one reason that decent people everywhere should resist it mightily.  More importantly, it is an effort to rid the world of monuments of genuinely good people.  Robert E. Lee emblematizes this.


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