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Who Won in November?  Posted: May 02, 2017 Allen West 

Who Won in November?
Fortes Fortuna Juvat…Fortune Favors the Bold

There are many variations of this Latin proverb, but this specific one appears on the gates of Honor Hill at Ft. Benning Georgia, where US Army Infantrymen receive the venerable cross rifles insignia. The U.S. infantry has two simple words as its motto, “Follow Me”. Those words have true meaning and having been forged in the crucible of combat they are indicative of determined, resolute leadership in adverse situations.
Perhaps the entire House and Senate GOP should attend Boot Camp at Ft. Benning Georgia and be infused with such rigor, resilience. It was the Republican Party whom stated, “Follow Me” by giving us the House, the US Senate, and the White House…and we will achieve our objectives. It appears once again, these were empty, hollow words as reflected in another eschewing of fundamental constitutional conservative principles and values. Yes, another Omnibus spending measure, nearly 1700 pages, who will be reading that? I equate an Omnibus spending measure to a great big pot of gumbo, except it doesn’t taste good at all, but there are a cacophony of ingredients in the mixture.
We were promised that regular order would return. Yet we get more of the same, just as when the GOP won the Senate in 2014 and they presented an Omnibus spending measure to President Obama. Now, let me make myself very clear, in no way do I want the progressive socialists of the Democrat party EVER again to have power in our country. And I am certainly glad we do not have a President Hillary Clinton. But one lesson that I learned from my Airborne Instructors back in 1984 at Ft. Benning Georgia, “if you set the bar low, you will jump low”. Therefore, I refuse to lower my standards, and certainly not my expectations.
When reading the various summaries of the current GOP proposed Omnibus spending measure I must ask, who won in November? There is immense cause for concern.
Here we have a GOP majority in the House and Senate, and a Republican president yet we are still funding the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, a truly unconstitutional organization still headed by Obama appointee, Richard Cordray. This organization created by Barack Obama has over 1500 employees and a budget of $605M. We are still fully funding an Internal Revenue Service, y’all remember that tax pain from just a couple weeks ago, led by John Koskinen, an Obama appointee, who should be under federal indictment…along with Lois Lerner who is still drawing a six figure taxpayer funded pension.
It is not just those blatant items, our federal government will continue to fund municipalities that are not in keeping with our rule of law, the Constitution. I really do not respect what some Obama appointed judge rules. We are either a sovereign nation with defined laws on immigration, or we are not. The President has the enumerated power to keep this Nation safe, and not appropriating funds to lower governments, states and cities who are violating our laws is certainly an executive prerogative. Funny, I do not recall any Judges ruling against Barack Obama amending the Affordable Care Act, by executive order…not through the legislature.


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