Saturday, May 6, 2017

Who writes this BULLCRAP ???

‘Battle Of New Orleans’ Promises Armed Battle In City On Sunday    

The Battle of New Orleans on Sunday promises to be a gathering of violent extremists.
The Battle of New Orleans on Sunday promises to be a gathering of violent extremists, we imagine they’ll look like this.

Battle of New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana – The “Battle Of New Orleans” on Sunday promises to be an armed confrontation between fringe groups on the right and the left, with some calling this the start of a new civil war. Busloads of armed extremists on both sides are reportedly heading to New Orleans, ready for an armed confrontation.
The situation all started in 2015 after domestic terrorist Dylann Roof murdered nine people, all black, in a South Carolina Church with the intention of sparking a race-war. Roof, a white supremacist, was known to wave the confederate battle flag, sparking a renewed discussion if the flag was a symbol of hate.
Along with backlash against the confederate battle flag, it was also suggested that civil war monuments were symbols of hate as well. At the time, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu called for the removal of the city’s civil war monuments.
“Robert E. Lee was a very important historical figure not only in the city of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana but nationally as well, but whether or not that’s the appropriate place to recognize him, I think is open for discussion. That’s really what museums are for,” Mayor Landrieu said in 2015, according to Fox 8.
The New Orleans city council voted 6-1 in December 2015 to remove the city’s civil war monuments from public display, with the goal of having them moved into museums. After over a year of legal battles and threats against city workers, in March, a federal judge affirmed the city’s right to move the monuments.
Since then, Louisiana House Bill 71 was introduced to prohibit the removal of war monuments without a vote of the people. However, even if the bill passes, it is unlikely to pass in time to stop the removal of all four of the monuments in New Orleans.

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