Tuesday, October 22, 2019

FARRELL: Trump’s Presidency Has Been Too Successful For Democrats To Trust Voters, So They’re Relying On A Coup   dailycaller.com

                         Congressional Democrats are engaged in a series of secret hearings as part of an impeachment-style process, attempting to manufacture the political conditions for an actual impeachment and potential election-year removal of a sitting president.
Those who object to calling this a coup might imagine that coups must involve people in uniforms hauling bedraggled deposed politicians from their offices, tanks in the streets, perfunctory announcements read by nervous journalists, and so forth, all the panoply of coups in the developing world. But coups can take other forms, and the term is appropriate whenever entrenched interests work actively against the will of the people and Constitutional processes to overthrow a government.
We have seen this coup process unfolding since even before President Trump took office.

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