Saturday, May 18, 2013

Nullification Is For Sissies | Dump DC

THIS IS A REPRINT FROM AN ARTICLE IN A SITE CALLED "DUMP D C"       Not sure how I feel about the article, but is surely something to think about [another point of view]


(Editor’s Note: I see a lot of talk in the media about how some state legislatures are planning nullification measures. All candyasses and cowards. Today’s article is a reprint from July 2010.)
by Russell D. Longcore
That title is kind of a throw-down challenge, isn’t it? That is exactly what I meant for it to be…a challenge to the present-day promoters of Nullification to entirely rethink and re-evaluate their foundational principles.
Nullification sound so reasonable…so diplomatic…so sophisticated…so strategic…so statesmanlike. Who could assail such a measured response?
Russell Longcore, reporting for duty
If you’re not familiar with the concept of Nullification, let me give you the shortest more

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