Thursday, May 14, 2015

It took Greece 74 years to decide they wanted reparations from Germany ??

Nazi Video Shown on Athens Subway as Greece Seeks Billions From Germany   By Andy Eckardt  NBC News

MAINZ, Germany — Archival video footage highlighting Nazi atrocities in Greece is being shown to commuters on the Athens subway as part of a campaign demanding war reparations from Germany.
Seven decades after the end of World War II, the 50-second video is being shown at metro stations across the Greek capital to highlight the fallout of German occupation after 1941.
A compilation of images accompanied by dramatic music, the film starts off with the words: "We save the memory, we do not forget." It also features the tagline: "We claim what Germany owes to us."
It coincides with a government campaign seeking $300 billion in compensation from Germany and the return of "national treasures," which comes amid growing tensions between Athens and Berlin over the Greek financial crisis.

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