Thursday, May 7, 2015

What matter if it's legal ? they do as they please. Police state...YES

Is This Legal? Watch Federal Agent Do The Unthinkable
Law enforcement, especially Federal agents, too often seem to be made up of people who have too much aggression and too much love for power and violence. This is exemplified by the recent purchase of large amounts of hollow point bullets by the Feds, but, on a more personal and individual level, there is this assault of a woman who is simply exercising her Constitutional right to film our government employees on the job.
Assault? Yes, assault. This thug walks up to this 
woman in a menacing manner while carrying an assault rifle (what the benevolent Feds want to ban) and knocks her cell phone out of her hand and kicks it aggressively away.
If someone did this to you, you wouldn’t take it as a friendly government official looking out for your best interest, would you? I think not.
Watch the situation happen below (warning: language NSFW):

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