Friday, October 16, 2015

NAACP Demands Man Take Down His ‘Racist’ Halloween Decorations    

A Utah man goes all out for Halloween every year, decorating his yard with scary animatronic figures that he makes himself. One of these, a man hanging from a gallows, has the local NAACP chapter crying racism. Never mind that it is a white dummy hanging, black radicals think anything with a noose is racist and they want it taken down.
KPLR Reports that Kevin Van Miltenberg of Roy, Utah has been decorating his house with his scary creations for years. The offending hanging figure has gone up for the past six years with no complaints, but for some reason it became racist this Halloween.
Van Miltenberg made the hanging man from PVC pipe and hooked it up to a windshield wiper motor to make the legs kick. The figure is hooded, but you can clearly see that the condemned man has white hands.
“My intention is not to make it racist at all; I am far from racist. It has white hands. It’s not portraying a black person at all,” said Van Miltenberg.

Plan B for the NAACP is to demand that Van Miltenberg take down the hanged man. They issued a statement that reads in part:
The NAACP finds the hanging character to be extremely offensive. There is no doubt what this is. The founding in 1909 and history of the NAACP was because of the many lynchings in our country and has become synonymous with the lynchings of African Americans. This display makes a mockery of the history of lynchings in our country.

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