Tuesday, March 29, 2016

BY HOOK OR BY CROOK.......Even though Trump won the state.....kinda unethical wouldn't you say ? ?

Trump campaign says it will file complaint with RNC over Louisiana delegate count

State of the 2016 race

Donald Trump won Louisiana's Republican primary but could end up with fewer delegates than Ted Cruz. (Photo by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post)
Donald Trump’s presidential campaign said Monday that it will officially challenge strategic maneuvering that could give Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas a sharp lead in the final delegate tally from the Louisiana Republican primary, despite the billionaire’s 3-point victory during the state’s election on March 5.
A group of so-called “unbound” delegates and others previously pledged to Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida could rally behind Cruz, the Wall Street Journal reported last week, giving the senator up to 10 more delegates from the state than Trump will receive.
Those sorts of technical maneuvers — part of the complicated delegate-based system for nominating the party’s presidential candidate — have been the subject of intrigue amid speculation of a possible contested convention in July. Members of the GOP establishment who oppose Trump believe it may be the best and last hope to keep the billionaire from clinching the nomination.


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