Thursday, December 29, 2016

Obama Is Letting His Friends KILL Bald Eagles For THIS Sick Reason   Obama says he is for clean energy but this goal has very anti-American results!

The Obama Administration has passed a law to allow companies who produce wind energy with high-speed turbines to continue to operate even if they kill up to 4,200 bald eagles in the process, as per Fox News. The fact that bald eagles are a protected species does not matter to this President.
The new rule comes in the context of Barack Obama trying to develop pollution-free energy to blunt the effects of climate change. However, if you’re killing the planet to save the planet, are you really helping?
Obama has increased wind turbines around the country throughout his presidency. These turbines can get as tall as 30 story buildings with speeds of up 170 miles an hour. This would surely create a death trap for any bald eagle who tried to fly through.

Bald Eagles are protected under the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act these prohibit harming or selling eagles or their eggs without a permit. Although wind power is generally seen as a good thing to environmentalists, killing bald eagles has caused some concern even among the Liberals. Experts do not know what effects these death machines will have on bald eagles, but officials say that around 500 bald eagles are killed a year from flying into wind turbines or other structures.
In the United States there are around 183,000 bald and golden eagles combined, according to Fish and Wildlife Estimates. Some are saying that this number is too low and something needs to be done to protect the species from dwindling, particularly the golden eagle who has had less success than the bald in recent years.
The new rule takes effect in January after Obama leaves office. This means that Donald Trump could work to scrap, perhaps before it even comes into effect. I think a lot of Americans are going to want to see this law overturned, because we cherish our national bird and its golden cousin.
The rule requires independent contractors to report when their work causes deaths to bald eagles, rather than have the data reported voluntarily by energy companies.

The American Bird Conservancy has said that they have “some serious concerns” that the rule simply just does not do enough to conserve the eagle population. The American Wind Energy Association says they support the law’s intent to preserve bald eagles.
The bald eagle is a proud American symbol, which we have placed on our money, our coat of arms, and in military symbols. It would be such a shame for us to allow these bald eagles to be weakened when they are supposed to represent American strength.
However, it makes sense that President Obama, who goes around the world apologizing for American exceptionalism, does not care very much about the symbol of American greatness. That is why he is fine with putting out rules that allow for the killing of bald eagles.

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